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Silk Road Project provides world music teachers

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Since its beginning, Ma has introduced audiences and unique cooperation globally.


Due to Ma’s long term relationship with Tanglewood, he needed to bring the workshop, that was established at Indiana’s DePauw University in 2015, to TMC guys “to enlarge their views and experience of what music can be,” Block said.

” We’re currently trying to interact the next era of performing musicians, to involve them in another style and encounter it totally.”

“We needed to share a diversity of best music instruments store with the guys,” Block explained. “Like the faculty, they were selected to signify the full variety of orchestral instruments.”

During the workshop, guys formed four little “groups,” each headed by a faculty member “to choose them from zero to performance,” Block said. Completely by ear, they learned the air and rhythmic patterns of a traditional tune and the best way to improvise and organize it.

Unlike western orchestras, much of the music of the world exists in smaller ensembles, Block noted.

“There is not many musical groups that have 80 individuals inside them,” he said.

During his own classical training — his dad was an orchestral conductor — Block was interested to understand what the remaining world was playing.


Violist Michael Casimir from Philadelphia — a self-professed “tremendous Yoyo lover” — was lucky enough to procure a place in this week’s much-in demand workshop. He’d began learning by ear and, as a boy chorister, traveled extensively and studied the music of Japan, Brazil and South Africa firsthand.

“I have been exposed to lots of world music,” he said, “and Yoyo’s ability to cross around so fluidly is truly inspirational.”

“Orchestral music is my fireplace,” explained a double-bass player, Kevin Gobetz. “however, find out what is about and you have to increase your perspectives. I thought it’d be excellent to flee my safe place, plus it’s Cotton Road plus they could not be uncool.”

Gobetz expects he will be helped by the experience this autumn when he joins the New World Symphony in Miami. “They do lots of outreach and [offer] exceptional chances, and I wish to be prepared for that.”

The orchestral world has found a decline in traditional concert music, he added, “and there is an enormous weight on [youthful] musicians to continue it.” To be able to do thus, he considers, there must be exposure to various kinds of music and ways of doing things.

The workshop faculty adopt the cross cultural expertise. The family of Balla Kouyate, whose, introduced the guys and his instrument by playing with conventional melodies along with a Cuban air.

“You can just understand what your location is heading if you understand where you came from,” he clarified. He plays not only his interest, but although from his African tradition.

Just like the guys, “that is why I am here,” he said.

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