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Confident costs, greater crop increases wine business

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As exports also stay buoyant an increased volume of grapes crushed for processing along with higher costs has made the most recent year a vintage one for the wine business.

The size of the crop increased 6 per cent to an estimated 1.81 million tonnes, according to the yearly Vintage Report 2016 as the typical the amount of money that is willing to be paid for wine grapes increased fourteen per cent to five hundred and twenty six U.S Dollars a tonne across Australia, the maximum average cost since 2009.
Likewise, superior cabernet sauvignon in the top groups enlarged as its national average cost rose by 17 per cent to 9 per cent of the crush of the variety.
The typical cost paid for red wine grapes rose 13 per cent a tonne with white winegrapes enlarging 12 per cent.

Winemakers’ Federation of Australia said the report suggested weighted average costs rose over the last two vintages.

“It is not unusual to see p uprise and downfall of patterns across vintages as a result of different factors including changes in demand,” Mr Battaglene said. “Yet, this year, there exists a rise in pricing for the second straight year and a rise in the total puppy love, which will be supporting.”

By area the usual buying payments for wine grapes in the hot inshore wine province rose 8 per cent to $313 cool and a tonne / 4 per cent grew tonne.

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