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Business people need MPKj to enforce charge on-street parking

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Jalan Javenue is a two-way street.

He was speaking after meeting with the company owners. Also present was a Revenue Department policeman from MPKj. 52, Teo Kee Hock, said it was frustrating for company owners like him to see an auto dwelling a place before his store to night. Malaysian white wine.

I need to come to get a spot.

“ our company actually impacts. Customers who cannot locate parking whine all the time said. Teo, who possesses an auto parts shop said folks would park in the place he leased in the council.

“ hunt for that man and We must look through a CCTV camera recording to see who it’s and let them know to remove their automobile.

“Regularly, there would be arguments, particularly when folks double parked,” he said. Ng said it’d take three months for the system to be executed.

“ the fee set is managed by A private parking operator. The firm has signed a contract to run from 2000 to 2020.

“ while 20% goes to the council They get to keep 80% of their gains. “The council gets 4 ” he included.

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