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Bumiputra and Oriental business areas have to interact: PM

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KUANTAN: Both bumiputra and Chinese business communities must work collectively help the government reach its goal of strengthening unity and to reinforce the state’s market.

We understand the Chinese are great at earning profits, but you need equilibrium and harmony to bring more investors in the future in and just the Barisan Nasional government can ensure that, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

I am able to guarantee you that I’m a good listener. I tend not to speak much in what I will be doing but I ‘ll do my best. Let’s work collectively.

By working collectively we can ensure that companies will continue to prosper in Malaysia,” he said, drawing applause from your crowd.

At its last meeting, he said, ACCCIM had for instance emphasized problems in terms of documentation regarding the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act.

I am going to take upward your memorandum at another Cabinet meeting, Bernama quoted him as saying.

I consider as a government, we must allow it to be more easy for folks to work in this state and the laws also needs to ease that he included.

Najib, who’s additionally BN chairman, noted the Chinese community had come out to give emotional support to BN in the Sungai Besar and the Sarawak state election and Kuala Kangsar parliamentary byelections.

He said what could be comprehended in the success was that the Chinese were revealing a want to support the only party which could ensure unity amid the diversities in Malaysia, BN, and equilibrium and harmony that were essential for business to thrive.

I consider most of the Chinese aren’t tied to any party, and may be a ‘swing variable’ in another general election, for or against BN.

Najib also encouraged the private sector to raise using technology and innovation . I have learned that companies want more foreign workers to raise productivity, that may bring in more sales others and our businesses in the private sector must put greater emphasis on raising productivity because we have to compete at a level that is higher he said.

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